Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum

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Active Vitamin C Serum.
Organic anti-aging skincare for dry skin, aging skin, skin that needs refining and smoothing.

With protective and nourishing nature sourced super-fruit anti-oxidants for revitalized, smoother, firmer skin.

Why vitamin C?
Active vitamin C stimulates production of new collagen for revitalized, glowing skin.
In addition:
*clears old sun damage, scars, + age spots
*intense anti-aging + cellular renewal, plumps skin
*mild exfoliator for increased clarity, refined texture

This serum protects skin from free radical damage and pollution, while enhancing your inner glow. Mild sun-protective benefits(but must be used in conjunction with a sunscreen).

Why this vitamin C serum?
Ascorblly palmitate is a highly active form of vitamin C, that is proven to be very potent without causing the reactions other forms of vitamin C can. This serum encapsulates the active properties within an isolated base of super fruit actives, that release upon contact with the skin.

Vitamin C is generally carried in the blood stream, but study after study shows how beneficial it is for topical application.
The vitamin C serum contains a high level of vitamin C, along with a multitude of other beneficial compounds for healing and nurturing the skin.
Here they are joined with a pure extracted stable organic isolate of vitamin C from vegetable sources.

The result? Super smooth plumped, vibrant, renewed skin.

For oilier skins this serum may replace your day cream, or for dry skin be layered under the creme of your choice. For morning or evening application.

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