Reishi Mushroom

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Common uses for Reishi Mushroom. These are packed in a vegan capsule. They are grown and harvested with no pesticides and chemicals.  Consult with your medical provider before starting.



With aging, our immune system declines in a process called immuno-senescence. A weakened immune system encourages deadly infection and disease. Reishi contains pharmacologically active compounds that bolster the immune system and help defend against age-induced immune decline. Reishi's Immunomodulation abilities greatly reduce Inflammation response and lowers cholesterol and prevents the hardening of arteries. Activates T Cell response to combat metastasizing Cancer for more info on Reishi's anticancer properties. Reishi mushroom offers a natural way to overcome stress and anxiety. Along with exercise, mindfulness, and other holistic practices to manage anxiety, a daily reishi supplement could help you reach your mental health goals faster.



Disclaimer: Not a medical professional used as desired. 

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