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********No BAKING SODA ******


2  slow swipes should do the trick for hours during the day. Please let your body  naturally heat up the beeswax and aloud it to absorb into the pit area.


Benefits of ingredients:

Beeswax-is high in vitamin A and is used as a barrier against the everyday environment but will not block pores in your pitts. Our bees are able to graze on the open flowers in bloom. All beeswax is extracted and process naturally.

Bentonite clay- is a wonder for detoxing the armpit and pulling out toxin that may grow or bred in pitts. Bentonite clay also has calcium, magnesium and different types of irons that may also provide extra benefits.

Organic Coconut oil-is well known as a moisturizer but did you know that properties find in cocnout oil is antibacterial? Well yes it has mild antibacterial benefits.

Where store bought deodorant have cause irritation to your armpit or hair follicles cocnut oil will help calm the skin.


Blended with lavender and tea tree oils. All essential oils are cold pressed.


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