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Heel Repair

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Unveil the Secret to Silky, Gorgeous Heels with Our Intensive Heel Softening and Crack Repair Formula. Immerse Your Feet in the Luxurious Blend, Enhanced with the Natural Goodness of Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils.

Tea Tree Wonder: Infused with the magic of Tea Tree essential oil, our formula brings exceptional healing properties to your heels. Experience the power of nature's antimicrobial warrior as it works diligently to soften rough skin, soothe discomfort, and combat cracks. Bid adieu to the woes of tired feet and welcome a rejuvenating sensation that promotes overall foot health.

Lavender Elegance: Lavender essential oil, a timeless favorite, joins our formula to offer you a soothing symphony of benefits. Lavender's calming aroma embraces your senses, while its gentle yet effective properties aid in nourishing and restoring your skin. Say farewell to dry, lackluster heels as you embrace the elegance of Lavender-infused rejuvenation.

Softness Redefined: Our specialized formula transcends mere moisture, delivering deep hydration that unveils softness you can truly feel. Experience the joy of stepping into velvety smooth heels, free from unsightly cracks and discomfort. As Tea Tree and Lavender work in harmony, your feet become a canvas of comfort and beauty.

Your Path to Renewal: Make every step count as you stride confidently with revitalized heels. Embrace the power of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, working together to transform your foot care routine into a pampering ritual. Witness the magic as your heels soften, cracks diminish, and your feet regain the suppleness they deserve.

Elevate your heel care regimen with nature's finest ingredients. Embrace the enchantment of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oils as you step into a world where soft, crack-free heels are no longer a dream, but your daily reality.



NOTE: Can be slippery apply socks if needed. 

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