Anti- Chafing Cream

Anti- Chafing Cream

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All natural anti-chafing stick for high friction area. Time to give the rub some love.

Perfect for athletes, runners and even safe enough for babies, this formula is made without any water, alcohol or preservatives.


Directions- Start with dry skin. Apply with tube to desired area. Wash hands after use. Reapply as needed as a refresher. For external use only.

Ingredients: Emulsifying Wax, Organic coconut oil, mango butter, arrowroot, cornstarch, essential blend.

Not only is coconut oil proven to help prevent skin from losing moisture increasing skins glide and reducing susceptibility to skin disturbances like rash or hives, it also is a top-notch provider of lauric acid which is a natural and gentle antimicrobial, preventing bacteria from damaging skin.
Beeswax works so well as a skin protectant because it rests on top of your skin. While having oils like Coconut, Cocoa and Shea absorb into your skin, it is also beneficial to have ingredients made to sit on top of your skin, sealing your skin’d moisture in and keeping irritants and chafing out. Beeswax also reduces irritating friction.

Bergamot oil has soothing, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it works well to boost the health of your skin when applied topically. Bergamot essential oil can be used to get rid of scars and marks on the skin, tone the skin and soothe skin irritations.

Benefits of Mango Butter-has skin softening, soothing & moisturizing properties.This semi/hard butter is off-white in color and very similar to cocoa butter,helps to combat dry skin, eczema and dermatitis,is helpful in protecting the skin from the weather and UV radiations,said to be effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

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