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Earth’s Elixir Clay Masks - In Recyclable Glass Bottles

Revitalize Your Skin Naturally!

Our Earth’s Elixir Clay Masks, housed in eco-conscious recyclable glass bottles, are formulated to rejuvenate your skin while preserving Mother Earth. Each mask is a unique blend of clays infused with natural ingredients, providing different benefits to meet your skin's specific needs. Craft your personalized facial treatment by adding your chosen liquid ingredient to the mix!

1. Active Charcoal & Zinc Exfoliating Mask

  • Blend Features: A potent blend of active charcoal and zinc, this mask is your go-to for detoxification. With the added benefit of fine pumice, it gently exfoliates, leaving your skin renewed and radiant.
  • Benefits: Active charcoal draws out impurities and excess oils, zinc aids in healing while offering sun protection, and pumice sloughs off dead skin cells revealing a smoother complexion.

2. Rose & Kaolin Soothing Mask

  • Blend Features: Immerse yourself in the calming essence of rose paired with the purifying properties of kaolin clay. Infused with soothing oats, this mask is a haven for sensitive or irritated skin.
  • Benefits: Rose calms redness and inflammation, kaolin clay purifies pores without drying, and oats provide a softening and soothing effect, making your skin feel pampered and nourished.

3. Bentonite & Rhassoul Nourishing Mask

  • Blend Features: Combine the powerful detoxifying properties of bentonite and rhassoul clays with the calming scent of lavender. This mask is designed to cleanse deeply while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and calm.
  • Benefits: Bentonite clay unclogs and shrinks pores, rhassoul clay improves skin elasticity, and lavender promotes relaxation and soothes irritated skin.

How to Use

Simply mix your chosen Earth’s Elixir Clay Mask with water or your favorite liquid ingredient until it forms a paste, apply to your face, wait until it dries, then rinse off for beautifully refreshed skin!

Sustainable Beauty

Crafted with love for both your skin and the planet, Earth’s Elixir Clay Masks are the epitome of sustainable beauty. Indulge in guilt-free skincare that truly makes a difference!

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