Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

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999 fine silver colloid, distilled water

Our Simply Pure Colloidal Silver is made with a true electrolysis process using nothing but .999 fine silver and pure distilled water. The strength is +60 ppm.

Silver has been used as an antimicrobial for centuries, even before microbes were known to exist. Our forefathers used to toss a silver dollar in their milk to help keep it fresh. Many dog owners swear by colloidal silver for treatment of dreaded "hot spots". Silver is used in modern medicine for antimicrobial ointments and burn ointment, such as Silvadene Cream, as well as for minor cuts and scratches. It is completely skin friendly and does not burn when applied. It is safe and nonirritating even for eyes (silver nitrate is routinely applied to newborn eyes to prevent birthing infections).

We use high quality, black plastic  bottles to protect it from UV rays. The convenient spray top allows you to apply it quickly and easily where you want it.

Available in 4 oz  size.
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